Alfred Scaia Living History click on link to view the list of community interviews

 New additions to the collection are:

History of Readsboro Fire Department

Marshall Reynolds Sprague Family History

Bob Kampe Family History

M Arlene Andognini Sibley & Davenport Family History

Carol Snow Marchegiani Family History

Alfred Scaia now has 16 DVDs – WWII Experiences and in most cases their family history at the National World War II museum in New Orleans.  It truly is fitting and exciting that those that experienced the ravages of World War II will now be remembered and acknowledged by many generations.  Al has also received a lifetime award from the Vermont Historical Society.  Thank you Al for being a vital part of preserving Readsboro history.


2 thoughts on “Readsboro History with Al Scaia

  1. Hello I’d like to pick up some of the recordings of readsboro family history’s. – a few interesting ones you know of ? Thank you please call me need to pick up tomorrow am. 4132072548

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